Dispute Resolution

We can provide advice and resolve your disputed debts

You need certainty on the cost! Over the years more and more clients have told us that what they really want when it comes to litigation services is clear and transparent pricing. So we’ve developed a range of advisory and dispute resolution services, often with fixed fees so clients have the assurance of knowing right from the outset exactly what the cost is going to be.

  • Fixed Fee Advice

    Where you need advice on a one off disputed debt, we offer fixed fee advice from £500 plus VAT. Find out more about the sort of advice we can offer and what it might typically cost.

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  • Unlimited Legal Advice

    Do you have multiple small claims debts (under £10,000 in value) that are disputed at the pre-action stage? If so, from £1,500 plus VAT per year, you can utilise our unlimited legal advice subscription service.

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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Litigation should be the last resort. We will seek the quickest conclusion to your case whether that is through a Summary Judgment application or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). We are experienced in dealing with ADR such as Mediation, Adjudication and Arbitration to help resolve disputed debts.

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  • Advice on Payment Terms

    Did you know that just inserting some simple clauses into your payment terms can entitle you to recover virtually all your debt recovery costs from your debtors?

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