International Debt Recovery

Our international debt collection has reached

  • 6


  • 100+


  • £2m+

    collected each year

Risk free no collection, no fee

Doing business worldwide comes with a great number of advantages: more opportunity, new markets, and greater business growth. However, this development means you might also find yourself trying to recover money from a customer who is not only in a different time zone to you but also has different laws and customs to abide by.
Although in this situation you may worry you have to write the money off as irrecoverable, we can give you confidence in the knowledge that your international debt recovery options don’t diminish as soon as the debt crosses borders.

To find out more about Lovetts pricing structure and download our International pricing guide click here.

How does it work?

  • No Collection, No Fees

    This is a risk free service – If successful we charge a percentage commission based on your client’s location. If we are unsuccessful, you will pay nothing.

  • Research

    We research the history of the debt and any contractual issues that may be compromising payment. We also gather information about your customer and identify key personnel who may authorise payment.

  • Contact

    We then attempt to establish contact with the correct personnel within the debtor company directly by telephone, letter and email to press your claim and negotiate payment.

  • Funds Transfer

    When your payment has been recovered we send the money directly into your company bank account.

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Find out what we do for our clients and how you would benefit from outsourcing your international debt collection to us.