Sarb Dhaliwal celebrates 10yrs at Lovetts with 100% record in defended court cases

Sarb Dhaliwal Celebrates 10 Years At Lovetts

This month marks the 10th anniversary of Sarb Dhaliwal’s tenure at Lovetts Solicitors. The Chartered Legal Executive and Legal Department Manager began working for the firm in 2009, and has since that time maintained a 100% success record in defended cases in court.

Having started her career in the banking industry, Dhaliwal’s legal training in the financial sector led her to develop an interest in Law. Already working full time in a demanding industry and with a young family to care for, taking the plunge to start studying the Chartered Institute of Legal Executive exams required intense dedication:

“The evening classes and correspondence course allowed me to continue working full time with flexibility within my studies,” says Sarb. “As I was working full time and with a family, it meant studying from 10.00pm to 2.00am nearly every night for four years, but I did complete the course and passed with distinctions. During my third year, my knowledge of – and interest in – the legal side of the financial sector, led to my employer at the time offering me a new job with an in-house solicitor, which allowed me to start putting into practice what I had learnt.”

Now heading up the legal department for Lovetts, Sarb is responsible for an expanding team, and has been instrumental in driving administrative updates and customer service enhancements in recent years. Despite her managerial responsibilities, the Executive remains passionate about providing direct legal assistance and has dealt with approximately 60 defended cases during her time at the company, to date maintaining a 100% success rate in court.

“My 10 years at Lovetts have been a wonderful and challenging experience. I have learnt so much and continue to learn new things as cases become more complex and complicated. I love the challenge of dealing with defended cases and will go through my client’s evidence (and indeed the defendant’s evidence) thoroughly and diligently to ensure nothing is overlooked and that I get the best possible results in the most cost effective way for my client. It is accurate to say that I have never lost a case at court during my time at Lovetts, but that of course means that the pressure is on to maintain this record and that is one of my key goals!”

Earlier this week, Lovetts presented Dhaliwal with a special commemorative pen to mark her service to the company, and Michael Higgins, Managing Director for Lovetts, said:

“Sarb continues to exemplify the absolute highest level of legal service to our clients, her team, and those working throughout the entire company. Her decision to stay with Lovetts at a time when the firm has been focused on expansion, and therefore needed to attract and retain the strongest talent in the industry, has been instrumental in helping us to achieve our goals. We thank her for her dedicated service, congratulate her on her impeccable court record, and look forward to continued success.”

25 July 2019