Lovetts Solicitors featured in Evening Standard

Evening Standard

Lovetts Solicitors has this week been featured in the Evening Standard newspaper, in a special supplement looking at Financial Services. In an article examining how businesses can better optimise their cash flow Lovetts Managing Director, Michael Higgins, provides his ‘Top 5 Tips’ on avoiding bad debts. 

The dedicated financial services supplement was given out alongside the main newspaper across London yesterday, and the firm was extremely pleased to offer its insights into the changing world of dispute resolution and debt recovery. 

Michael Higgins, Managing Director for Lovetts, wrote: “All businesses rely on cash flow to survive. At Lovetts Solicitors we specialise in helping businesses recover debts. Above all, taking a measured but proactive approach to cash flow is key. This is the lifeblood of your business, and putting a professional recovery process in place can enhance business growth and success.” 

It’s not the first time that the company has been featured in the business press in recent months, having spoken in August to James Caan’s Your Business magazine about the recent advancements that have been made in cash flow management and dispute resolution. Lovetts is committed to providing first class, transparent advice on all aspects of the debt recovery process, and this extends to the information that we as a legal and financial institution are allowed to put out into the public domain. 

18 September 2018