Lovetts featured in Surrey Chambers Business Magazine


Lovetts Solicitors has been featured in the latest issue of the Surrey Chambers of Commerce magazine, in an article examining flexible working opportunities within the modern workplace.

The article follows on from the recent Business Women in Surrey (BWiS) event, which featured Lovetts Operations Director, Cassandra McCarthy, and took place at Surrey Business School on the University of Surrey Campus in Guildford.

During the event the panel shared practical experiences and examined pragmatic approaches to how companies can physically implement more flexible working patterns for their staff. The panel emphasised that businesses are no longer solely adapting to traditional gender issues like opportunity and equality, but seeing an overall shift in employee attitudes and working processes.

“This is not just an issue that is related to flexible working hours around women or even parenting in general,” said Cassandra McCarthy. “At Lovetts, we see examples of flexible working across the company. We have a number of younger staff members for example who are currently undertaking legal training, and have approached us to schedule their hours around that. Some people come early to avoid traffic, or find it helps to work from home on certain days. It’s about evolving past that more traditional view of a 9-5 working structure and encouraging a level of flexibility through which people feel they are performing at their best.”

Also in attendance of the event was Lovetts Solicitors Managing Director, Michael Higgins, who gave his views on the subject: 

“Flexible working has been a hot topic since Flexible Working Regulations were introduced in 2014,” says Higgins. “This was one of the most interesting and engaging events I have ever been to with fantastic contributions from the panel. At Lovetts Solicitors we have become more open to flexibility and this fortunately resulted in Cassandra McCarthy joining the Lovetts team in 2014 as a Solicitor. Failure to adopt flexible working risks businesses losing out on employing extremely talented people such as those that appeared on the panel.”

10 January 2019