How To Best Manage Your Legal Claims

Sending a letter before action (LBA) is only as effective as the creditor’s willingness to enforce it. The risk is that once debtors know you have no intention to carry out your threat of action, your front line weapon rapidly becomes increasingly ineffective.

You may be reluctant to make a claim due to worries about offending your larger clients because you are fearful of not getting further orders.  You shouldn’t be.

If you have tried every other avenue of approach with no success, it is worth remembering that a customer who is no longer paying your invoices is no longer a customer? They are a debtor.

So, What Are The Secrets To Cost Effective Claims?

None of this advice is rocket science but it is the difference between using the legal system cost effectively and finding yourself out of pocket.


This briefing paper is intended only as an indication of points you could consider and take advice on. You should always take professional advice on any particular situation or the drafting of your terms of business. This note is not legal advice so please don’t treat it as such.

29 October 2013