Dispute Resolution Allows Clients To Save Money and Preserve Trading Relationship.

The Challenge

Simple disputes relating to a debt can quickly escalate to bigger problems and damaged relationships. In a recent case, our client had a long standing dispute in respect of goods it had received from the other side. Due to the considerable number of orders and deliveries, the client required a paper trail from the other side to reconcile its ledger. Due to personnel changes on both sides, it was proving quite difficult for the ledger to be reconciled. Offers had been made by both parties; however, the parties reached a stalemate and relations had become fraught. Our client instructed Lovetts believing that they were destined to end up in Court over this dispute. 

The Solution

Lovetts were able to utilise their extensive experience of dispute resolution and worked with both parties to facilitate the reconciliation of the respective ledgers. Accordingly, both parties were able to reach a settlement shortly after Lovetts were instructed. Lovetts effectively acted as a mediator between the parties and was able to resolve the dispute swiftly. 

The Benefit

Substantial legal costs were saved by our client as we were able to reach an early resolution. Further, as litigation was avoided, the trading relationship between the parties was salvaged. Upon reviewing a matter, Lovetts considers both the legal position and commercial position. We see the advantages of early settlement, as if the matter progresses, often the only winners are the lawyers, which is not what Lovetts are about.

14 March 2017