Take a sensible approach to legal support, with our Annual Subscription Advice Service


For those looking for ongoing legal advice at a low cost, the Lovetts Annual Subscription Advice Service (ASAS) offers a sensible approach. It’s an option that provides access to professional legal advice from our dedicated team of qualified solicitors all year round, and can help clients to prevent problems before they occur.

As many businesses will already know, the costs associated with commercial litigation and dispute resolution can quickly add up, especially where multiple cases crop up leading to multiple claims. But did you know that for less than cost of an annual accountancy fee, you can rely on dedicated legal support all year round?

Our Annual Subscription Advice Service (ASAS) requires a single, fixed annual fee, through which companies can receive dedicated legal advice on contractual and debt collection disputes throughout the year. This could be in respect of any disputed debt claims that you may incur against debtors, outlining your legal position, prospects of success, tactical implementation of cases and anticipated costs in taking the matter to trial.

“The way that companies seek to integrate legal services into their day-to-day operations has changed a lot in recent years,” says Cassandra McCarthy, Solicitor and Operations Director for Lovetts. “Here at Lovetts, we strive to provide the highest level of legal service at all times while keeping costs to a minimum for our clients. Our Annual Subscription Service has allowed us to expand our portfolio even further and provide a solution for cost-effective ongoing legal advice. This is important because it allows companies to take a sensible approach to legal support, make more informed decisions and remove the potential for unforeseen legal disputes further down the line.”

The ASAS entitles you to unlimited legal advice for a whole year on any of your disputed debt cases. You simply pay a fixed sum at the beginning of the 12 month period when you would like your ASAS to start and for the whole year you will receive advice on any new matters you bring to us. Your advice will be provided by one of our dedicated legal professionals and there is no limit on how many new cases you can instruct us on.

Advice will be tailored to your specific case and you will be given your prospects of success at the outset, enabling you to make a commercially viable decision on whether you should take your matter to trial, thereby saving you costs and valuable time. The more information you provide us with the more detailed your advice will be. There is no limit to the amount of documents you provide and our time spent on drafting your advice document is not capped. We even guarantee that you will receive your tailored advice within 5 days of receipt of your documents.

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28 November 2018