Firm named as Legal Partner to Association of Residential Managing Agents

Lovetts has become an official partner to ARMA – the Association of Residential Managing Agents, an organisation that promotes high standards of leasehold management across England and Wales by providing advice, training and guidance to its members. 

Founded in 1991, ARMA now represents 270 residential managing agents and focusses on key areas of industry development, seeking to: 

–Set high standards in residential block management
–Require our members to meet those standards
–Provide technical advice and guidance to our members
–Produce information and advice notes for leaseholders
–Run training courses on the leasehold system
–Promote professionalism in property management
–Campaign for improvements in relevant legislation and policy

In addition to those companies that are directly involved in the block management of flats, managing agents also require key third party service providers such as accountancy firms, solicitors, insurance, debt collection, etc in order to carry out their business. Lovetts will attend regular ARMA events and supply legal editorial that offers advice and updates around the sector. 

“We are very pleased to have solidified our partnership with the residential management sector,” said Andrew Dancy, Director for Lovetts. “For businesses operating across all sectors, credit management and debt recovery are key components in the maintenance of sustainable financial operations. Lovetts is well positioned to play a supporting role for these businesses across all areas of the credit management process, helping them to avoid cashflow issues where possible and provide legal support where needed. We look forward to working with the Association of Residential Managing Agents, and providing professional support in the areas of legal advice and debt recovery to its members.” 

You can find out more about ARMA on the Association’s website here

21 May 2020