How to inform Lovetts Solicitors of a Breathing Space Notification


Submitting a Breathing Space Notification via Lovetts Solicitors CaseManager


If you have received a Breathing Space notification from a customer and Lovetts Solicitors are collecting this debt on your behalf, it is important that we are informed immediately so we can put a hold on any collection activity in order to adhere to the Breathing Space Regulations. Detailed below is a simple and quick way of notifying us via Lovetts Solicitors Casemanager portal.


Step 1 – Log in to Casemanager here



Step 2 – Select the Customer/Case that is subject to the Breathing Space Notification




Step 3 – Select ‘Notify Lovetts of Breathing Space




Step 4 – Complete the form detailing the Breathing Space Notification



Step 5 – Submit the details to Lovetts by clicking ‘Tell Lovetts about Breathing Space’



Step 6 – Lovetts Solicitors will send you an email confirming receipt of the notification.

Collection activity is put on hold for at least 60 days.




Breathing Space Regulations Flow Chart

Download our free Breathing Space Regulations Flow Chart Guidance for Creditors.